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Celebration 1, hosted by the Klines, Drinkwines, Ashley Zerangue, and Chris Freni

The first of our 2010 Wine into W.A.T.E.R. parties has been a great success.  Deep gratitude to all who attended at the Kline's house in Kirkland.  We brought in $4427 not counting matching donations! For more information, see the donors section.

Almost all our brand new logo design shirts were already sold!  It is never to late to donate!



Wonderful Ghanaian food was served...


...along with excellent African wine.


Courtney Plummer and Jan Kline presenting on our mission and impacts.


Thanks to everyone who came for making our first party such a success!


Thomas Awiapo takes Chris Dube's motorcycle for a joyride.


Watch the 2010 Trip Video


W.A.T.E.R. Trip 2010 from Christopher Dube on Vimeo.


View PowerPoint presented at the party - View Online | Download


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