Whats On Tap (News) Official News WATER closes 2015 projects on behalf of Sahara Group of Companies
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December 15, 2015 - WATER is closing 2015 via work at Asante Akim North District in Buruli Ulcer endemic communities.  At the Presbyterian Hospital in Agogo it is completing mechanization of a borehole which will provide water to the facility including the Malaria Control compound.  It has also completed 2 boreholes in the district in ABuntire and Samson in the Afram Plains area.  The borehole sites were selected at the request of the Buruli Ulcer program.  

In Tema, WATER completed rehabilitation work at the Manheam Senior Technical School.  This followed work in 2014 at the same location which included the construction of a KVIP latrine.  All projects were funded by Sahara Group of Companies.