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What We've Done (Projects)

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Since our founding in 2005, we have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to drill 21 wells in Africa. This eradicates water-borne illnesses and creates opportunities for girls and women who no longer have to walk miles each day for clean water,

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Water 2015 - Approximately $300,000 raised

In 2015 WATER continued its support for the Buruli Ulcer Drug Trial.  During the year, the trial was extended through 2016 because while the trial was going well, it became clear that the 333 cases needed would not be found by the end of 2015.  This is because cases have been dropping in Ghana, which is a good thing.  In 2011 there were 971 cases in Ghana, in 2012 there were 632, in 2013 there were 550 and in 2014 there were 443.  Better education and better W&S may very well be the reason.  Congrats to everyone involved and to everyone who has contributed.  

During the year WATER is targeting 10 boreholes, 2 mechanizations and continued surveillance and health education in the trial districts.  Many thanks to our 2015 donors who are Diageo, Sahara Oil, Rotary and the Methodist Church.  

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$330,000 Raised for 29 WATER Projects




15 Boreholes in Upper East and Northern Region`

Implemented through Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Funded by Lifeteen Network. 

2 Boreholes in Adentan Municipal Assembly (outside Accra)

Implemented through Adentan Municipal Assembly, Government of Ghana.

Funded by Sahara Group of Companies.

2 mechanized expansions of Ghana Water Company system in Tamale

Implemented through Frank Kumah and Associates and Ghana Water Company, Government of Ghana.

Funded by Sahara Group of Companies.

2 Boreholes in Central Region

Implemented through Haga Engineering.  Private Contractor.

One borehole funded by Sahara the second by donors from New York City.

1 mechanized repair at OSU Children’s Home in Accra.

Water system repair at Children’s orphanage.  Implemented by Sampson Adotey.  Private Contractor.

Funded by Sahara Group of Companies.

1 mechanized scheme at Lipke Clinic, Volta Region.

Connection from Municipal system to Lipke Clinic, Volta Region.  Implemented by FS and Associates.   Private Contractor.

Funded by Sahara Group.  Extension funded by New York City donors.

4 total projects.  3 boreholes in Ga West District and 1 upgrade of water system at Amasama Buruli Ulcer ward

Implemented by Relief International, NGO.  In Buruli Ulcer endemic areas.

Funded by Sahara Group of Companies with health education messages assistance from Relief International.

2 projects.  1  borehole in Atta Akura, Brong Ahafo and 1 hydrofracture of second borehole which is not performing well and also in Atta Akura (drilled last year)

Implemented with Kintempo North District Assembly.

Funded by Hessel Family of Wisconsin, Illinois and Canada.

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W.A.T.E.R. projects from our founding in 2006 to 2012.

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2006: Yellow
2007: Light Blue
2008: Green
2009: Red
2010: Blue

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In 2010, W.A.T.E.R. raised $360,000.  In early 2010 we entered into an agreement with Sahara Group to provide 8 boreholes and 2 hand dug wells throughout Ghana.  Additional wells were also drilled.

Location (All in Ghana)Fundraising By
Datoku, Upper East Region

Roe, Goater, Robinson, Preston - Seattle Legal community.  Thanks to our hosts  Kathy Goater and Donovan Flora for opening their home.

Sakote, Upper East Region

St John Vianney and Kline extended family

Mirigu Gonum, Upper East Region

Drinkwine, Anderson fundraisers and Schwientek family in memory of Otto Stumpe

Kanania, Upper East Region Microsoft employees

Bowku Rain Catchment System

Ola Cathedral Water Expansion

St John Vianney

Mary Queen of Peace

Suranose (2 wells), Brong Ahafo Region Sahara Group
Atta Akura, Brong Ahafo Region Sahara Group
Bawa Akura, Brong Ahafo Region Hessel Family in memory of Duke Hessel
Brofoyedru, Ashanti Region Sahara Group
Wala Akura, Brong Ahafo Region Sahara Group
Larumpe, Brong Ahafo Region Sahara Group
Adentan Municipal Assembly (4 wells), Greater Accra Region Sahara Group


Datoku Borehole
The Datoku borehole provides clean water to a childbirth clinic and over 1,000 people in the nearby communities.


The Sakote and Datoku wells were dedicated in July by the W.A.T.E.R delegation. Thank you to everyone who fundraised and donated for the 2010 Projects. You have made 2010 our most sucessful year yet!


Watch the 2010 Trip Video by Hallie Hemmingsen


W.A.T.E.R. Trip 2010 from Christopher Dube on Vimeo.

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