What We've Done 2009 Projects
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W.A.T.E.R. 2009 - $137,000 raised

2009 WellSix wells were funded through Western Washington W.A.T.E.R.’s continuing fund raising. St. John Vianney Parish family & friends and “Living Water” group each supported 2 wells; Microsoft employees and Mary Queen of Peace Parish each funded a well. The group visited 3 of the villages to celebrate with the communities their clean, running water. The total water systems/ wells since 2006 stands at 21. All these are located in the water vulnerable Northern Region of Ghana. The Seattle area group returned with a dedication to fund raising. Wine into Water events were held in various places during the month of October. November 2009 was the first month to report zero Guinea Worm cases in Ghana. This year’s group of visitors numbered 7.

Funds were carried over to 2010 when more wells will be drilled during the first part of the year.

2009 Cart and Donkey