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Since our founding in 2005, we have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to drill 21 wells in Africa. This eradicates water-borne illnesses and creates opportunities for girls and women who no longer have to walk miles each day for clean water,

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 Water 2013 - $439,000 raised

During 2013 WATER drilled 10 boreholes, mechanized 4 boreholes, built 2 institutional latrines and did 80 cataract surgeries and 5 Buruli Ulcer surgeries.  Two of the mechanizations were at the Tamale West and Tamale Central Hospitals and were paid for by Diageo and Ghana Guiness Breweries Ltd.  This project was in support of certification of the eradication of guinea worm.  WATER also mechanized a connection to Ghana Water company and built 2 latrines at Nungua school compound outside of Accra. Sahara Group of Companies supported a mechanization, 5 boreholes in the Ashanti Region as well as the cataract and Buruli Ulcer surgeries.  WATER implemented BU surveillance in Atwima Nwabiagya District with funding supplied by Hershey Company as part of its ongoing mission to support Buruli Ulcer activities.    


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Water 2014 - $420,000 raised

During 2014 WATER drilled 13 boreholes, mechanized 6 boreholes, built an institutional latrine and did 80 cataract surgeries.  Four of the mechanizations were in the Awutu Senya District and were paid for by Diageo and Ghana Guiness Breweries Ltd.  WATER also mechanized Maamobi Hospital, a large hospital in Accra with funding from Diageo. Sahara Group of Companies supported 6 boreholes in the Upper West Region as well as the cataract surgeries and a mechanization at Adum Kwahoma outside of Kumasi.  The Methodist Church of Ghana and the USA participated in our ongoing support for the Buruli Ulcer program by funding 2 boreholes and a mechanization at Pokukrom in Upper Denkyira District in Ghana.  Surveillance and health education of Buruli Ulcer was done.    


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Water 2015 - Approximately $300,000 raised

In 2015 WATER continued its support for the Buruli Ulcer Drug Trial.  During the year, the trial was extended through 2016 because while the trial was going well, it became clear that the 333 cases needed would not be found by the end of 2015.  This is because cases have been dropping in Ghana, which is a good thing.  In 2011 there were 971 cases in Ghana, in 2012 there were 632, in 2013 there were 550 and in 2014 there were 443.  Better education and better W&S may very well be the reason.  Congrats to everyone involved and to everyone who has contributed.  

During the year WATER is targeting 10 boreholes, 2 mechanizations and continued surveillance and health education in the trial districts.  Many thanks to our 2015 donors who are Diageo, Sahara Oil, Rotary and the Methodist Church.  


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W.A.T.E.R. 2009 - $137,000 raised

2009 WellSix wells were funded through Western Washington W.A.T.E.R.’s continuing fund raising. St. John Vianney Parish family & friends and “Living Water” group each supported 2 wells; Microsoft employees and Mary Queen of Peace Parish each funded a well. The group visited 3 of the villages to celebrate with the communities their clean, running water. The total water systems/ wells since 2006 stands at 21. All these are located in the water vulnerable Northern Region of Ghana. The Seattle area group returned with a dedication to fund raising. Wine into Water events were held in various places during the month of October. November 2009 was the first month to report zero Guinea Worm cases in Ghana. This year’s group of visitors numbered 7.

Funds were carried over to 2010 when more wells will be drilled during the first part of the year.

2009 Cart and Donkey


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